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First Flight

February 14, 2018


The clear bead at the center changes everything.

There are no edges to my loving now.

-Rumi, Tr. C. Barks & J. Moyne, “Open Secret”


There were edges to my loving—

places where countries clashed along borders,

where lovers were not admitted,

where the thicket grew thick and impenetrable

to keep out savage creatures ambling

about in the dark, smelling of musk.


There were edges to my loving~

places to guard, gardens to endlessly tend~

the project of myself that took such devotion~

voices in my head I did not want heard

by another who might lean over in the night

and kiss away such tender uncertainties.


There were edges to my loving~

there was the wild one of me

who did not want taming,

the one who believed someone else held

the keys to my freedom, the primal roar

of the lioness who said: I will belong to no one 

but myself, so I cannot belong to you.


There were edges to my loving.

But then came the tearing wind,

and the sheets of rain, the storms

on the high seas, the sunlight on bare skin,

and the eyes of god blazing through my heart

at dawn. Then came the beasts crashing

through the thickets, despite my best laid plans.

Yes, then came life softening

the edges again and again.


And one night I woke up from a dream

to my own laughter, to a knowing of my love

rippling out in endless circles. And in my bones

I felt what has always been free,

this sovereignty that does not require

guarding or liberating. And from here~

belonging to everything~ I walked out of the cage

of my own making, unfurled these gossamer wings

and tasted true flight for the first time.

©Laura Weaver

first published on

*Excerpted from the upcoming book LUMINOUS





February 7, 2018
Certain wild places appear in your dreams—
sing to you in the middle of the night,
speak your name in between tasks,
so that finally you listen. It is then
you remember how to make a pathway
to meet what calls. Coming with only your faith—
arriving, to find you are noticed.
Fiddleheads unfurl in sunlight.
Mycelial networks quicken
with footfall. Violet butterflies sip
from mud where you press palms
to feel warmth moving in earth again. 
This is an ordinary transfiguration.
A simple alchemy.  You have whispered
a thousand prayers to get here. You have traveled
a long way in body or soul, to come with hands
outstretched in offering, in longing. When the waves
rush over the rocks, when the tidal pull whips
the silverlight waters into a froth at your feet,
you know that mercy is everywhere.
Your soul is a door, but a doorway to what? 
This, the place asks you gently and then relentlessly,
until you empty your pockets of the tangled
fishing lines of lineage and the stories
you thought you must carry—until
you turn yourself inside out to be revealed.


~What wild places call you—within and without?
~How is your soul a doorway? And where does it lead?

©Laura Weaver 2018 (excerpted from the upcoming book Luminous

*first published on soul

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The Story

January 30, 2018



Step closer to the story that scares you~

the one that has you gasping for air

in the night, searching for ground.

This one wants to take you past

the lip of the void to the birthplace

of stars, where all stories dissolve

into the blessing of original song.


Turn your wild horses out

into the fields in the morning,

when first light purples the hills.

They are hungry for this earth

under hoof, this thunder of full gallop.

They may trample all the places

you have so carefully tended.

They may leave you in a cloud of dust.

And yet, this is the only way

they will return to you truly,

without a fence to keep them in.


Leap into the love that terrifies—

you know just what it will do.

It will un-hinge every door in your house.

It will blow in like a hurricane

and re-arrange your furniture.

It will howl like a banshee through your bones

and leave you delightfully hollow.

Without this love you are only playing

at this life– and you are so tired of that!


Let the current lift you

out of the churning eddy. 

There is only one place where this river flows—

through slot canyons and the eyes of midnight,

through singing valleys and greening glens.

These holy waters will have their way with you.

They are dreaming you into a body of light.

Why fight what you most long for?

©Laura Weaver 2015

*first published on soul

excerpted from the upcoming book Luminous 

NOTE ON THE BOOK LUMINOUS–I am in the home stretch! The cover and inside are designed and publication and soft launch will happen in late February or early March! I’m so excited. And if you are still interested in contributing the Go Fund Me for the last stretch–please DO! Thank you for everyone for your incredible support.  I am so excited to share this book with you.

Solstice Prayer

December 23, 2017

Journey Illness

Because you have gone diving

into the darkness, explored the cracks

deep in the earth and swam

in the underground rivers of your soul….


Because you have traversed

the tunnels between worlds

to find your own heart’s pulse and longing….


because you have written story after story

for lifetime after lifetime

and arrive here, now–quaking

in your naked truth.


because you have walked through

fierce fires and watched parts

of yourself turn to ash—


because you have alchemized your wounds,

metabolized your grief, and danced your love,

against all odds, in the midst of ferocious storms.


because you have planted seeds

in the still heart of winter

and believed in the harvest

when you could see no signs of life.


because you are a divine lover of the fertile dark,

and the Beloved mystery–and know the way

she teaches us to see with the inner eye—

and trust our inner compass.


Because you have the courage

of the first morning star….


sing back the light.


Sing back the light

to the places that have forgotten—

sing back the light

to the places that are numb


sing back the light

to all that has been desecrated

and abandoned

sing back the light

to the desperate and hungry ones


sing back the light for the ancestors

who encircle us, whispering

instructions while we sleep


sing back the light

to our children’s children’s children

who remind us –everything is at stake


Sing back the light

at this time of Holy Revelation,


Sing back the light

that heals the wounds of separation


sing back the light—because tonight

the whole world says—I am tired,

will you stay with me

when the flame flickers

in the darkest moments of this passage?


Sing back the light–

because you are the medicine

the new world is thirsting for–

because you are a star traveling

at the speed of love–

because you wear the wings

of the Dove who takes flight now

in the darkest hour.


sing back the light,

because we are a mighty forest

growing up through scorched ground—

yes, we are the seeds

that open with just this kind of fire.


sing back the light

because your song ignites my song

and the chorus is a swelling ocean

of Awakening—and we are just beginning

to hear our own roar.


Sing back the light

because this is how we remember—

this is how we remember—

this is how we remember ourselves

past this ending

into the beginning –


for in the beginning

there was the Word

there was the Song

and we are here now

to sing ourselves Home.


sing back the light.


©Laura Weaver

***Note-Update on the publishing of Luminous! Stay tuned for a publishing date and distribution in early 2018! Thank you for supporting the gestation and birthing of this project. I am so excited to share it.  Thank you! And Blessings on these holy days.

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Sacred Wound

December 16, 2017


In every being there lives a wound.  
This is the nature of being born here,
in a body, like this. 
And in every life there is a choice—
to wrap ourselves around that wound,
protective of its shape, its cadence, its nuance—
to build our life around that story,
or to extend through the fire of pain
to a new horizon.
The seed knows this: how to arise
from the dark tight curl
of the pod to break ground.
As does the monarch,
as it emerges from the chaos
of its own dissolution
into winged delight.
It is the impossible miracle
of the heart that brings us
to the hearth of our own awakening—
that risks breaching illusory walls,
that opens against all odds—
seeing we have nothing to lose
but our own false protection,
our own holding back.
In every being there is a wound—
a fissure where sacred longing is born –
so our gifts can be revealed,
so our gifts can be given. 

©Laura Weaver
~from the Upcoming book of Soul Poetry: LUMINOUS

The Inner Temple

December 9, 2017



We are only asked

to follow the spiral down and in,

to leave the outer world behind

just for a breath, just for a minute—

to touch our lips to the sweet springs

that bubble up from this refuge. 


This, not simply a delight,

but a requirement—if we wish

to walk in the world in our wholeness—

not as hungry ghosts forever

seeking the elusive watering hole—

but as a presence inhabited by presence


Here, the temple walls, illuminated,

show us the maps home.

Here, the hidden scriptures reveal themselves

in our cells as Original Instructions. 

Here, the light recognizes itself

and heals the first wound of separation.


In this chamber within, we are washed

clear of our burdens by starlight, returned

to the sanctuary of our own essence,

broken open like the milkweed pod~

our seeds streaming forth on the wind.

©Laura Weaver


~What does your inner temple look and feel like? How do you access it?

~What Original Instructions are written in your inner temple— and how can they guide your life?

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December 1, 2017


There are moments when—

no matter how deeply you love

the holy wholeness of your life—

something quakes along the fault lines

some grace that feels like a curse

taps along the fissures

some alchemy of soul fire and magma

builds beneath the tectonic plates

of all you have created—

and in a moment everything shifts.


And your heart, which is broken, 

realizes that the prayer it has sung

is returning as a kind of unexpected

answer to a question,

a light to a dark mystery

you have been seeking to understand~

only this was never the way 

you imagined the song ending.

And you have spent days

and weeks and months watching


the fissures widening, crying out

to have the strength to mend and fuse.

But now the chasm has opened

beyond any hope of repair,

and the sweet waters of destiny

rise up through the cracks—

and this river of elation

surges through you.

And you weep and tremble

at the same time—


for this is the fierce revelation

of your unexpected life—

and there is nothing

to do but surrender.

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