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Deep Time

August 23, 2021

Will you plant seeds
in the empty dirt lots
for the generations you will never see?

Will you reach through deep time
and touch the fingertips of cave dwellers
drawing horses on the walls in ochre?

Will you re-wild the desecrated spaces
that have forgotten the ways they were
once adorned with necklaces of praise?

Will you go to the sacred springs
to drink the wise waters
that run from glaciers to tongue?

Will you breathe the breath
of the original tides back into the oceans
that no longer know how to sing?

Will you put your ear to the voices
in the layers of canyon stone
that have been unheard for eons?

Will you lay naked by the high country lake
in the jewelbox of paintbrush
and make love to the ancient sun?

Will you recognize the quantum
entanglements that live between you
and Venus and the perseid showers?

Will you make kin with the bristlecone pine
and taste the blue sap of she who has stood
a thousand years guarding this valley?

Will you dream back the vast canopies
of the rain forest that once burned
when the world had forgotten its true name?

Will you plant seeds
that will remember you
when you are gone?

©Laura Weaver

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