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The Kiss

July 19, 2021
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God kissed me in the night

and I felt a quickening~

as if tulips burst through 

the dark soils of me. 

It was so simple, such a delight!

It brought sweet laughter for all 

the pain I think I’ve endured. 


The soul doesn’t see it this way!

It’s all about the quickening. 

What will remind the seed

that it has other places to go!

What reminds the flower

In its time that it can fall back

to earth and rest, and this is no failure!

When did we invent death as a failure?


Perhaps all of our lifetimes 

we have been seeking immortality 

when we have been immortal all along.

This body, sweet mercy, this temple

that allows the soul to shapeshift

into a thousand forms of creation.

This is god’s delight. 

We run from our own horizon 

because we think it is the end of us!

And it is! 

And then the horizon moves on.

from the upcoming book “The Pearl Sutras”

©Laura Weaver

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