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May 16, 2019


Because after the snow and the rain
the redwing blackbird trills in the cattails
and the song of the inner life is revealed again.
And from out of our dark caves
we stumble and call to each other
wondering what has been transformed
in the winter months and who will now emerge.
We, like bears bounding
out of the mountain, slightly bewildered
blinking in the bright new light,
ravenous for the world.
This is eros unleashed—
the seduction of apple blossoms –
petals raining on wet fertile earth,
hummingbirds unzipping the cerulean sky,
the glint of streamflow and bare skin.
How the full moon pours Maylight
upon our upturned faces,
and the wind carries the scent of desire
and melancholy and the spice
of all that is greening.
We have died a thousand times
and been reborn for this.
To lie back, even for a moment,
into the arms of the world—
to meet eros in every turn –
to be courted by you who stirs
the inner waters and tears apart
the old husks. Yes, you
who makes us want to eat fire
and lay down in every meadow.
We have been waiting for your arrival
and now you are here,
no longer a Stranger, but a Storm~
you, who strikes the bell of awakening
so the whole body rings.


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