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The Ocean Inside

March 11, 2018


“That Beloved has gone completely Wild – He has poured Himself into me! I am Blissful and Drunk and Overflowing.” ~From: The Great Secret

The beloved says: there is an ocean inside you—
and all it takes to swim here is to surrender.
And you who have become a master
of delving the depths, shedding skin after skin,
letting go of the old, rising up from
your own phoenix ash—you say oh yes,
I know this wild sea.
But the beloved says—wait, there is more.
For still, within you there have been hold outs—
places that braced against the harsh boot
of the world. Tensile webs protecting
intricate chambers from desecration.
Secret caves where hidden jewels shine.
And no, it will not be the crack of the hammer,
or the cruel weight of a cruel god,
or the sweltering heat that binds you
into submitting to this ocean. Nor will it be
the will of any other who convinces,
but simply the lion’s roar of an unfettered love
so freely given, you simply remember
the ocean that you are.
This is how the heat of the divine within
grows from a flicker to a hot holy fire—
this is how stars bloom from the void
and forests grow from broken open husks.
This is the way the beloved woos you
into tasting your own nectar, into entering
the very blossom of the milky way. Yes,
this is how the beloved points you home.
©Laura Weaver
***Excerpted from the upcoming book LUMINOUS, available this spring 2018 (you can subscribe to blog!)



The book is coming! It’s been quite the birthing process, with many unforseen delays–but just finished the whole book (covers included) design and I am really delighted. I will share a picture of it soon. Life is a mystery. Looking like it will be late April before I have book in hand. Can’t wait to share it and will be doing readings–so if you want to help arrange a reading near you, please message me or reach out at Blessings and love!

Ps. There is still time to contribute — I am still $700 shy of my goal! ALL funds go directly to pay for book design and publishing.

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  1. Pam Hale Trachta permalink
    March 12, 2018 2:40 am

    This is such an exquisite reflection of my day today—I can’t even begin to tell you. What a gift you have and are.

    Blessed journey to you, mi hija preciosa!

    Pamela Hale Through a Different Lens tools for seeing new paths of possibility Creator of the Sand Spirits Insight Cards

    Author of Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life Gold medal IPPY winner, 2012! Blogger for Huffington Post Read my posts at:


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