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December 1, 2017


There are moments when—

no matter how deeply you love

the holy wholeness of your life—

something quakes along the fault lines

some grace that feels like a curse

taps along the fissures

some alchemy of soul fire and magma

builds beneath the tectonic plates

of all you have created—

and in a moment everything shifts.


And your heart, which is broken, 

realizes that the prayer it has sung

is returning as a kind of unexpected

answer to a question,

a light to a dark mystery

you have been seeking to understand~

only this was never the way 

you imagined the song ending.

And you have spent days

and weeks and months watching


the fissures widening, crying out

to have the strength to mend and fuse.

But now the chasm has opened

beyond any hope of repair,

and the sweet waters of destiny

rise up through the cracks—

and this river of elation

surges through you.

And you weep and tremble

at the same time—


for this is the fierce revelation

of your unexpected life—

and there is nothing

to do but surrender.

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  1. December 1, 2017 1:46 pm

    Absolutely heart stopping when words written touch the depth of our being and give voice to what is unfolding within you. Thank-you for articulating the enormity of unspeakable life.

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