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October 31, 2017



Note: At this time of the nearly full moon, Samhain, harvest–when the ancestors are close, I offer this poem that came directly from a dream I had just before I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2016–I am so grateful to be on this side of the journey.  May the beauty and power of our lineages be with us at this time! 


I once dreamed I was given an ornate box,

intricately carved with the songlines

of my ancestors. The box was made

of sweet hardwood and the laughter

of all the women who had come before me.

But when I opened the box—

it was an arrow of pain that entered

my body, pierced my own heart

and took me to my knees.


In the dream, I felt my own life force leaving—

water funneling down a drain—

and I called for my children to say goodbye.

And as I grieved my own dying

welling inside me was a voracious rage,

an impulse to curse those

who had cursed me—

for this could not be my destiny.


But in that moment—my lineage

encircled me and spoke, saying—

this is how it has gone for centuries—

this is how cycles of pain are passed on—

when you give over your power,

when you feed the dis-ease with venom,

when we add poison to poison,

or lash out like a wounded animal on attack.


They tell me I am to send the arrow back

to the center of the center of creation

with all the love I have in me.

And with every prayer that comes

from my lips, my strength returns—

as I am cleared of the twisted stories,

the phantoms of helplessness—

and am filled instead with healing waters

from the well where these ancient ones

went to drink— in this way I am restored again.


And the voices of my lineage whisper,

saying: do you see? The box was the gift

that saved your life. And looking into

the eyes of my children and into the eyes

of their children, I see the whole of this truth—

how the curse becomes the blessing,

how the heart transmutes the fiercest

of stings into sweet medicine,

how in a single moment the entire

lineage liberates itself by lifting

the box of shadows to the light.

©Laura Weaver

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 31, 2017 2:36 pm


    “how in a single moment the entire

    lineage can liberate itself”

    Yes. Thank you. Much love and blessings to you and yours throughout time.

  2. October 31, 2017 3:59 pm

    So beautiful. I thank you and so does my mother and her mother and onward back, and so does your daughter and her daughter and onward forward.

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