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Full Moon Update

October 7, 2017


Hello dear friends,

The harvest moon is full and ripe, the aspens are blazing, the golden leaves are swirling, and there are clouds of migrating butterflies (a 70 mile swath over Denver–yes seriously!) filling the skies and flower gardens here. This is all good heart balm after this last week of intensity and unbelievable and unbearable heartbreak on planet earth.

I notice at times my heart is quite literally numb–and I wonder how many of us, with all that is happening on every level, feel this numbness at times. It has taken community, colleagues, the beauty of the aspens, meditation, poetry–to soften and drop in and FEEL, to write, to act.

Life is SO precious. And we are each luminous beings with the capacity to bring healing wherever we are–may we find our way to give our deepest offerings.

As for this campaign, thank you again for your support and love. I am nearly 70% of my goal–and reaching out again to send an update and invite you to join.

I’ve been so moved by all of the support. This week I’ve been in conversations with my book designer and busy creating the independent publishing house that will publish Luminous.

Also, for those who donated $50 and over, I have sent out the recordings of the poems with meditations and vocals/singing bowls–so if you haven’t received them please let me know (and send your best email address) as there were some technical glitches happening–and they are large-ish files.

I’ll be posting a video reading of a poem tonight or tomorrow.

Happy full moon–and much love.



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  1. Michelle Ellis permalink
    October 8, 2017 2:49 am

    Happy days Laura. I haven’t as yet received the recordings. Blessings, michelle

    Michelle🎈🎈 Sent from my iPhone


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