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Making Passage

April 27, 2016




It’s like swimming across a river

with our eyes closed, this passage

through the center of our life.

Sometimes we have to navigate

from the inside out~

when the stars hide their light

when we cannot see the bank

on the other side, when the hounds

of our past bark on the shoreline

braying their mournful song at our leaving.


It is a stillness like the heart of the fire

that guides—the voice of some angel of mercy

who has been sending us missives

since our birth.  And when we look over

our shoulder~once, twice~

it is the fierce tiger of truth who howls,

You cannot go back, that place is gone now.


And for a moment, we freeze in the river

sure we will drown, forgetting which way

is up and down, forward and back,

as the roar of the tumbling current

pours through us with all the questions

that have refused to leave us alone,

with visions of the many roads

bursting into flames behind us.


And then something remembers itself,

lifts our shoulders above the swirling cauldron

of inbetween and we simply let go

of making our way, we let go of decisions,

and the tangled paradoxes flow on through

the river’s body, drawing us to the edge

of this new world that calls us to our knees

to give thanks for this fertile soil

seeded with dreams,

thirsty for our arrival.


©Laura Weaver

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