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True Names

July 15, 2015



I learned my true name

from the sea—from the swing

of the tides and the glint

of moonlight over the wash

of grunion running at midnight.


I heard this same name sung out

in a recurring dream,

where I turned my body inside out

to spin a spiral shell,

so I could ride the beauty

of the fierce surf without harm.

This is not a metaphor.


In the wilds of the earth,

everything is symbolic

and yet nothing is abstract.

Nothing stands between

essence and expression.

And the call of this world is to live

as primal revelation, embodied—

as pure presence unveiled.


The sea carries stories

of thousands of storms and sunrises—

of eons when there was only

its own tidal heartbeat to listen to.

The sea carries the story

of that first evolutionary impulse

that sparked life to leap

from old body to new—

to learn to drink oxygen

and grow legs, lungs, fur.


This same lightning lives

in our cells, as this unstoppable

drive to transform—as this soul image

that shapes us, as this quaking word

that that will not let us forget

that everything, yes everything

remembers us. We cannot hide

from our belonging.

©Laura Weaver

first published on soul

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  1. July 15, 2015 4:40 pm

    I recognize this from other iterations, I believe. Now in this form, it is utterly gorgeous. This is not a metaphor!

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